I wonder what a tree thinks about day in and day out

What does the weather feel as it bellows and groans on a dreary night

Why does the fire seem to sing when struck to life?

I wonder if water knows the fear and power it instills just by watching the waves

The elements of time and space sense our presence and continue to play their melody

I wonder what magic they weave?

What emotions do they conceive?

Are we the invaders of their space?

Do they allow our existence to take place?

They are everywhere and amongst all things

Like a god in disguise to watch over us like a spy

I wonder why

I wonder what a tree thinks about day in and day out

As it watches over us as we muck about

Melancholy as a stormy night

Humming a tune to the firelight

As we stare from the safety of distance at the sea

Are they as sensitive as we?

I think they ache to tell us their dreams for us

They whisper, lightly touch and seek our attention

While we innocently ignore their pleas

We are them and they are us

We forget that it is to them we return

The siren call we all hear

Ashes to Ashes

Dust to Dust


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