Greetings Horror Fans. This one is for you. So first I have to say that there are actually a lot of people like me. I didn’t realize this until I went to Texas Frightmare 4 yrs ago. Before that time, I never realized how many horror lovers there were out there. It was the first time I felt I could truly let my goth flag fly! Now don’t get me wrong, everyone who is in to horror are not goths. They just might have a strong appreciation for dark and twisted cinema. They may be horror genre specific. For example, they may only love zombie movies or vampire flicks. I consider myself a global horror fan. I love them all from zombies, to vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons, etc. I am connoisseur of horror.

I consider myself a socially acceptable goth. Only letting that part of myself be known to those whom I deem worthy or when I am around my fellow peers. As a female, I often get reproach from other females for being a horror fan. They cannot understand why I would be a fan of horror movies and not the coveted romantic comedy or drama films. Thus, I will explain.

First, I grew up on these films. Classic horror from the Wolf Man, to Evil Dead, Fright Night to the cult favorite Friday the 13th. I enjoy being scared. It is that simple. It is thrilling. Watching someone look under the bed when you know they won’t like what they find. Or when someone looks in the mirror and the face staring back at them is not their own.  The adrenaline rush that occurs when feeling scared is without equal.

Second, I enjoy watching people suffer. Now, don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t like watching people suffer from illness or grief and loss or some other REAL issue. I enjoy watching people running and screaming and begging for mercy in horror movies because again it adds to the thrill, but more importantly it is a form of escapism. It allows me to go to a place and watch a monster attack and watch people suffer or die and fight to survive. And as we all know, there is typically at least 1 survivor who defies the odds and defeats the beast, demon or entity to go on and live happily ever after. This way, I don’t have to hold back tears, think of my own grief and losses or any other REAL issue that may be actually happening in my life or the lives of those I love. I can escape into madness for a little while, knowing everything will be alright in the end at least for one person. Because as we all know in real life not everybody makes it out alright. Right?

Third and finally, horror movies are like listening to a song where the lyrics seem as thought they were made for you. When you are listening you feel vindicated or understood or even inspired. Horror movies do the same. You are angry about something. Watch a horror movie.  You are overwhelmed and you just want to hit something. Watch a horror movie. Need a place to escape to. Watch a horror movie. I think horror movies create a world where anything can happen. When you watch you can typically spot the character who is going to survive. In Friday the 13th heyday, you could always go with the virgin or the good girl. Nowadays it is typically the more sensible person in the group or body count as I lovingly refer to them. I think we as humans tend to try to identify with the character who will live. Once we do, we are swept off in his or her terror, fear, disappointment, grief, growth, desire to fight and finally their survival.

Now I will concede that horror movies are an acquired taste. If you don’t have an appreciation for the movies themselves, this post will not likely sway you to begin an Insidious marathon. But maybe now when someone says, “I’m a horror fan,” you won’t be so quick to judge.


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