Get Out

This film was an amazing, well though out, crazy, racially charged, psycho roller coaster ride. There are many things I could say about the movie but I don’t want any spoilers on this so I will just say a few words. One for my horror movie fans- this movie will deliver. I have never been more creeped out in my life! For the curious – keep a sharp eye on the subtle themes in the film. The guy running for example, just take a moment to think about that for a moment. Now obviously there will be those who want to see how Mr. Peele handles the not-so-subtle racial aspect to this film. Believe me, it stands out, but its more than that. It really speaks to what could be the essence of racism, or perhaps humanity itself, the desire to want what we cannot have. The desire to possess something or someone. I don’t know. But I think I will be thinking twice about going on any family visits with Brittany for a while- you know what I mean?


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